What Is Employment Law?

Understanding the Laws About Employment

The field of employment law applies to everything that happens in the workplace. It covers a huge range of areas -- such as the rights of staff members, the rights of employers, obligations and duties, etc. The relationship between staff members and employers in both large corporations and small family owned businesses is important. This is a key concept that underpins the work carried out by the best employment lawyers.

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Employment Contracts in Focus

Employment contracts are agreements between employers and employees that one will pay the other to complete work. It is often believed that all employees are given written employment contracts, however this is not actually the case. Some verbally agreed arrangements can be regarded as part of an employment contract too. This happens more frequently in smaller businesses, where wages, hours, holiday periods and other details could be decided face to face. Notwithstanding, the law does state that you have to be provided with some basic details about your job in writing, within a couple of months of you starting work. Although this is not illegal, it might create issues for staff members if disputes arise. In this situation, an Employment Tribunal could be required to assess previous evidence of bonuses and salaries, for example, to gauge whether your contract has been breached.

The Work of an Employment Lawyer

Lawyers who represent employees, either individually or as a group, will research and gather information, prepare paperwork (such as claims, pleadings and contracts), advise clients and negotiate on their behalf to reach a settlement. Lawyers who represent employers will advise institutions and businesses about how to contest claims that are made against them. Also, they can offer guidance to employers about HR policies, staff contracts, normal and early retirements, and communicate with staff members or the unions they belong to.

Employment law as a Career

employment solicitors get the chance to serve a wide variety of clients, because almost all organisations have employees. The legal issues that arise can be equally as complex in smaller businesses as they are in larger corporations. Therefore, employment law is a diverse and intellectually demanding field, with the opportunity to work on high profile cases. As well as the range of cases available, the work/life balance is regarded as good and the work flow is usually steady. Consequently, this is a popular legal field to enter, so the competition is fierce.