A Villain From an Ayn Rand Novel Reviews an Ayn Rand Novel

Miss Rand’s newest book is scandalous. It’s a monstrosity! It’s too original. Too new. People will find it frightening. There’s no room for it in the literary market of today.

The book’s major sin is that it’s a work of unbridled individuality. Its integrity is repulsive. There’s no room for genius today. A writer must learn to be subservient to the mob, to compromise. One must realize that a writer is a mere tool to serve the Greater Good. Independent thought must submit to mass opinion. Great works like Miss Rand’s are simply dangerous.

This book challenges the most fundamental principles we hold dear. It extols the virtues of reason against the multitude’s love of mysticism. This will never do. We must hold true to tradition, not rational inquiry. If one must intellectualize, one should look towards the works of Immanuel Kant and the logical positivists, whose relativistic voodooism keeps the tides of science at bay.

Miss Rand’s book should never have been published. People must continue to see themselves as victims, not as self-made individuals. Society is bound together through servitude. No one must challenge that.

Personally, this work upset me very much. I fear change and progress because I am weak. I rely on others, and would never want people to begin to question their duty to serve me. If this book becomes popular, I might lose the support I demand from people. Therefore, I encourage no one to read it.