An Anxious Introvert’s Pinterest Boards

Places to pace back and forth while nervously talking on the phone

Nice bathrooms to have nervous diarrhea before a social event

Inspirational quotes to remind yourself that you aren’t a reclusive monster

Famous introverts who made a successful living while you’re hiding from the person who is knocking on the door

Boo Radley fashion inspiration

Books to read in public and then feel self conscious about reading because you are alone and a freak and everyone is looking at you

Coffee shops to go to alone and then question why you left the house

Antique mirrors to give yourself pep talks before going out to a social event and regretting it

Best corners to stand in at a party

Cool dogs to nervously pet while you’re standing in the corner at said party

Clothes to regret buying because you could never pull that off

Calm places you can pretend to meditate