By Anna O'Brien

So, Your Latte Art Looks Like a Dick?

Hello! Welcome to the Latte Art Troubleshooting Hotline, where our flannel-clad, black frame-wearing, asymmetric hairstyle-rocking baristas are feigning interest to assist you in making your latte art represent your individually artistic, spiritual, and contemporarily gentrified needs. For espresso questions, press 1. For foam questions, press 2. For beard net ordering and usage guidelines, press 3. …

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Status Reports on Your Dad’s Model Railroad

Monday, 6 pm Track laid in the basement. Engine functional. Ordered two new boxcars. When they arrive, I’ll have to weather them so they don’t appear too new since layout will be circa 1930s. Considering how many two-inch trees I need for twenty yards of track. Also, color of landscape sand: desert sand or dusky sand? …

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