Counter Culture’s New Line of Mainstream T-Shirts

The red Angry Bird saying, “I oppose micropayments.”

“Keep calm and don’t think about the coming storm to correct inequality.”

Dr. Seuss-style Thing 1 shirt that says, “A person isn’t defined by their acceptance of patriarchal relationship norms.”

A rifle on top of an American flag with the caption “They can take my guns when they pass proper legislation.”

“Vote For Pedro Whoever The Media Tells You”

On the front: Any beloved cartoon character smoking weed. On the back: The same beloved cartoon character getting his or her life together and going to night school.

Captain America’s shield with the star replaced by the McDonald’s arches.

Bob Marley’s face with the caption “Name four of his songs.”

A shamrock leaf with “Kiss me I’m Irish and perpetuating rape culture.”

A zombie biting into a brain and saying, “I am an overused antagonist in modern storytelling.”

“I went to Myrtle Beach and all I got was a downgraded opinion of humanity.”

Sheldon Cooper’s “Bazinga” shirt, but ironically.

John Belushi’s “College” shirt from Animal House with “$1.4 Trillion In Student Loan Debt” added below.

The Jack Daniel’s logo that reads “Crying For Help Since 1956.”

The word “MEMES” front and back.