Elevator Pitches for Elevators

It’s a way to travel between floors of a building so quickly people have to condense their business ideas into a single sentence.

If you are making an action movie it would be really cool to have your hero beat up a bunch of people in such a confined space.

It’s a place to hear all the music that you would never actually seek out.

A place where you have to interact with your neighbors.

These will enable you to erect buildings so tall that it would be impractical to get to the top under your own power, so you better hope they don’t break!

Have you ever tripped on the stairs? Aren’t they the worst? Say goodbye to stairs! Well, we still have to have them in case the elevators break, but like I said, we really don’t want that to happen.

“Going up?” is a fun thing that people will say to each other. And other things like, “Oh, you’re actually going down? I already hit up. Sorry.”

Sometimes elevators can be made of glass and then you can look out and be terrified as this device raises you to heights where mortals ought not tread.

Have you ever wanted to stand there as a machine stops at every floor of a building because a child hit all the buttons, when you’re desperately trying to get upstairs for a meeting? Look no further!

No, they’re nothing like escalators. Escalators are just fancy stairs.