Kafkaesque Instruction Manual


This manual is incomplete. Please read the complete manual before operating the product. To receive the complete version, first verify your security PIN.


Do not attempt to operate product before finishing the complete version of this manual. Validation of security PIN without complete instructions is not possible. Operating the product before security PIN is verified may result in criminal prosecution.


  1. Take product out of outer packaging, careful not to remove product from original packaging. Removal of product from original outer packaging will invalidate product.
  2. After product is validated, enter unique key code using the security pad.
  3. After unique key code is properly entered into security pad, record the PIN.
  4. Dial number of your personal customer support specialist and enter PIN. You will then receive your unique key code.
  5. Enter unique key code into security pad.
  6. After PIN is verified, you will be mailed complete operation instructions. You will then be able to verify the product.


Verification of product without unique key code validation may result in criminal prosecution. Validating key code of an unverified product may result in criminal prosecution. Failure to verify key code after purchasing product may result in criminal prosecution. Attempting to return non-validated product may result in criminal prosecution.


Q: Where is the unique key code located?
A: The unique key code is located on the inside of the product casing. Do not attempt to remove product casing until product is validated.

Q: My unique key code is not accepted. Why not?
A: If your unique key code is not accepted, your product is not valid. To validate product, you must verify your PIN.

Q: How do I contact your customer support department?
A: In order to receive the contact information for your personal customer support specialist, you must first verify your PIN.