Making a Murderer’s Dean Strang and Jerry Buting Go to Pizza Hut

AMBER: Hi folks. My name’s Amber and I’ll be your server tonight.

MR. STRANG: Could you please spell your name for the record?

AMBER: A-m-b-e-r.

MR. STRANG: Thank you Amber. My friend Jerry and I would like to order the Grilled Chicken Rustico Pizza and one large Diet Pepsi, two straws.

AMBER: Oven’s broken.

MR. STRANG: Can you repeat that?

AMBER: Oven’s broken.

MR. STRANG: The pizza oven?

AMBER: That’s correct.

MR. STRANG: The pizza oven that is used to make the pizzas is broken?


MR. STRANG: Here at Pizza Hut?

AMBER: That’s correct.

MR. STRANG: And so because of the oven not being in service, you won’t be serving pizzas at all tonight?

AMBER: No, sorry no pizzas tonight.

MR. STRANG: That seems somewhat odd, doesn’t it — especially at a place called Pizza Hut?

AMBER: It happens.

MR. STRANG: It happens.

AMBER: It happens.

MR. STRANG: How long have you been working at Pizza Hut?

AMBER: Two years.

MR. STRANG: At this location here in Madison?


MR. STRANG: And other than today, in those two years has the pizza oven ever been out of service?

AMBER: Not that I know of.

MR. STRANG: Not that you know of. But you said “it happens,” did you not? Just a minute ago?

AMBER: Yeah.

MR. STRANG: So when you say that “it happens” you just mean that it could happen, not that it has happened?

AMBER: I guess, yeah.

MR. STRANG: You have many pizzas on your menu, correct?

AMBER: Correct.

MR. STRANG: Six or seven, something like that?

AMBER: Something like that.

MR. STRANG: It says on the menu here that you serve eight different pizzas.

AMBER: Yeah, eight pizzas, that’s right.

MR. STRANG: Eight pizzas. And you advertise these pizzas, correct?

AMBER: Yes we do.

MR. STRANG: On flyers and billboards, that sort of thing?


MR. STRANG: This restaurant is called “Pizza Hut,” correct?

AMBER: Correct.

MR. STRANG: So it would be reasonable to assume that people come to Pizza Hut for the pizza. Wouldn’t it?

AMBER: I suppose so.

MR. BUTING slides a coupon over to Amber.

MR. BUTING: Can you read this coupon for out loud please?

AMBER: “Enjoy a free pizza on the house at Pizza Hut.”

MR. BUTING: Enjoy a free pizza.

AMBER: Yes, that’s what it says.

MR. BUTING: That’s a coupon for a free pizza, right?


MR. BUTING: You’ve seen these before, right?

AMBER: All the time.

MR. BUTING: All the time. And when people give you those coupons, you give them a free pizza. Am I right in saying that?

AMBER: Not if the coupon’s expired.

MR. BUTING: Can you read the expiry date on the back of the coupon?

AMBER: March 31, 2019.

MR. BUTING: And what’s today’s date?

AMBER: January 18, 2016.

MR. BUTING: So can my friend Dean and I have a free pizza? “On the house”?

AMBER: No sir, I’m sorry but pizza’s unavailable tonight.

MR. BUTING: No pizza. No pizza for me and Dean.

AMBER: I’m sorry.

MR. BUTING: We planned this dinner months in advance.

AMBER: I’m very sorry.

MR. BUTING: Is there something else on the menu that you recommend?

AMBER: Tuscani Chicken Alfredo’s good.

MR. BUTING: Tuscani Chicken Alfredo?


MR. BUTING: Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s some kind of pasta is it not?

AMBER: Yes it’s a pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce.

MR. BUTING: Not a pizza.

AMBER: No, it’s not a pizza.

MR. BUTING: And this coupon is for pizza, isn’t it?

AMBER: We can honor the pizza coupon for the Tuscani Chicken Alfredo.

MR. BUTING: Really?

AMBER: Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem.

MR. BUTING: That shouldn’t be a problem?


MR. BUTING: So our two Tuscani Chicken Alfredos will be free. Right?


MR. BUTING: “On the house.”

AMBER: That’s correct.

MR. STRANG: Tell her Dean wants extra cheese.

MR. BUTING: My friend Dean would like extra cheese on his Tuscani Chicken Alfredo.

AMBER: Extra cheese is $1.50.

MR. STRANG: That’s unconscionable.

MR. BUTING: We’d like to appeal this decision to your manager.