Mother on Social Media ‘Can’t Believe’ How Much Baby Grew Over Past Year

FORT WAYNE, IN — Commemorating her son’s first birthday by posting a side-by-side comparison of the child on Facebook, Sara Thomas expressed bewilderment this morning that her infant has increased in height and weight since its birth exactly one year ago.

“I can’t believe how big this little bundle of joy is getting!! #amazing,” Thomas wrote, evidently unfamiliar with basic concepts of early childhood development.

Commenters on the photo shared the woefully uninformed mother’s surprise saying, “WOW he’s grown so much!” and, “What are you feeding him?? lol!”

Thomas, who presumably witnessed her other two children under the age of five go through similar processes of cellular division and multiplication, remained awestruck that her human baby is larger today than it was several months ago replying, “I know right!” and, “haha seriously Kelly!” respectively.