Staples Replaces ‘Easy Button’ with Amazon 1-Click Ordering Button

FRAMINGHAM, MA — Office supply chain Staples, Inc. announced today that due to “changing market forces over the past decade” it will retire its iconic “Easy Button” and adopt Amazon’s 1-click ordering button in its place.

“We’ve reached a point where we must acknowledge that a button that does literally nothing to make your life easier can’t compete with a button that allows you to order virtually anything on the planet with the absolute minimum effort imaginable,” said Staples, Inc. Chairman & CEO Ron Sargent.

Sargent went on to say the decision came after considering what would be best for the company’s customers, “At Staples, our first priority has always been providing the easiest solutions for our shoppers, even if those solutions come from our competitors.”

The remaining stock of “Easy Buttons” currently retail for $6.99 plus tax on Staples.com. As of press time, ordering one required multiple clicks.


Photo: slgckgc