The NeverVending Story

Upon the workday snacking hour,
I make a break room tea run.
Perhaps I’ll buy a sticky roll…
Alas, I do not C1.

I scan the other snacks behind
The glass front of th’ store.
Are those marshmallow rice treats where
They never were B4?

Button push’d! Spiral turns…
My choice is left behind!
The package won’t descend, and I
Am once again D9’d.

Perhaps that frosted apple pie, a
Perfect pastry beauty.
Of course it also fails to fall;
I whisper: “A2, fruity?”

Out of coins, I find I’m left to
Rue: “This isn’t great.”
And yet I’m not quite ready to
Accept my dreary F8.

I curse the heavens, shake the box—
It drops a most sav’ry mix!
So once again I raise my voice,
Tho’ now to praise sweet G6!

Pretzels! Corn chips! Cheese curls! More!
This blend can not be beaten.
A salty celebration that
Will presently be E10.

– – –

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