Things, in Addition to “Whatchu Gonna Do with Your Life?”, Cyndi Lauper’s Father Said That Time the Phone Rang in the Middle of the Night

I gotta get up early tomorrow cuz I hafta go to work.

They coulda waited ’til tomorrow to call.

I betcha it was that Martinelli boy who dunnit.

It takes a lotta nerve to call someone in the middle of the night.

Now I sorta hafta take a leak.

We shoulda gotten an unlisted number.

I’m kinda hungry now.

I shoulda saved some of my pastrami sandwich.

I prolly ain’t gonna be able to get back to sleep.

Now the dog hasta be let out.

Who’s gonna let out the dog?

Cyndi willya let out the dog?

I oughta pummel whoever called here in the middle of the night.